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Vicksburg, Mississippi

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Vicksburg, Mississippi City Info

Halfway between New Orleans and Memphis, the half-mile-wide Mississippi River loops into a hairpin turn that forms a peninsula jutting essentially north. It was excellent farming country; the rich soil of the Delta region had attracted numerous planters, including the family of the Confederate president, Jefferson Davis. But it was also the most difficult sort of country for armies to traverse: it was wet and mucky with bayous and swamps wending their way through forests.

Vicksburg lay across the river from that swampy peninsula, on the east bank of the Mississippi. By the 1860s it was the second largest town in the state of Mississippi and had become one of the region's most important commercial centers with steamboats connecting the north with the south and two railroads connecting the east with the west. It was a beautiful city, built on clay bluffs 200 feet high and commanding a wide view of the river. The buildings climbed bluffs so steep that the streets required stone crosswalks to give footing to the horses and the walkers; one nickname of this town of 5,000 was the City of Terraces.

Another nickname for the Confederate city of Vicksburg was "Gibraltar of the West." Those bluffs made it a superb fortress, difficult to assault from the river and, surrounded as it was by the bayous, nearly as difficult to attack from the land.

The Union command recognized that whoever controlled the 2,300-mile-long Mississippi River would ultimately win the war. They embarked on a pincer movement to take the river, moving gunboats south along the river from Cairo, Illinois and north from the Gulf of Mexico. By 1862, the Federals controlled all but a 240-mile portion of the river between Vicksburg, Mississippi and Port Hudson, Louisiana. That portion was crucial to the Confederacy. Through it crossed the abundant supplies of food, armaments, and men of the western Confederate states. If the Federals controlled that last segment, those vital supplies would be, for all intents and purposes, cut off from the Confederate military that so needed them. The key was Vicksburg.

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