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Tokyo, Japan

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Tokyo, Japan. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Tokyo:

THE MANSIONS at Azabu Towers

THE MANSIONS at Azabu Towers


These two and three bedroom serviced apartments in downtown Tokyo are located next to the Tokyo American Club and many diplomatic missions in uptown Azabu. more information

Tokyo, Japan City Info

Corporate housing and apartments in Tokyo

When anyone considers having corporate housing in furnished and serviced apartments in Japan, there sure are many options.  Japan is large and economically developed almost in every corner of the country.  But having furnished corporate apartments or suites in Tokyo really makes a difference.

Tokyo is located on the island of Honshu and it is the capitol of Japan.  The Japanese government and Emperor of Japan have their seat in Tokyo.  The beautiful and mysterious Mount Fuji can be seen from the city, creating one of the most famous panoramas in the world.  Tokyo is one of the most popular cities in the world.  The current population of Tokyo is 12 million which makes it one of the largest cities in the world.

Corporate housing (temporary or other) has a long tradition in Japan so you can be sure that you will be taken care of quite well (especially if you consider the famous Japanese preciseness and hospitality).  There are many various styles of corporate houses and apartments available in Tokyo.  They are mostly modern, but many of them are built in a traditional Japanese style.  Making decisions about corporate housing has never been easier you might say.

Why choose Tokyo for corporate housing (apartments or suites)?

The reasons for choosing Tokyo to be the place for your corporate housing or apartments are many.  Let us just sum them up in short.  Most importantly, Tokyo provides its residents with almost everything they can ever need – universities, hospitals, museums, theatres, zoo, businesses, sport centers, shops – simply everything. Most of them are of superior quality.

Then there are the business possibilities.  Settle in Tokyo, find your corporate apartments there and access all the business possibilities that Tokyo offers.  Every day new businesses are coming to Tokyo – the possibilities are many.

Finally, let's not forget about the recreational possibilities.  Japanese people are known to be hardworking, but there are many options how to spend your spare time in Tokyo.  As mentioned above - all the museums, theatres, zoo, sport centers are there for you in Tokyo.  If you choose Tokyo for your corporate housing or apartments, you will get all you need in one city.

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