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Taipei, China

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Taipei, China. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Taipei:

We are sorry, but there are no online members providing apartments or suites in Taipei. Please contact SuiteNet directly to get the up-to-date information on corporate housing, relocation and extended stay services in Taipei, China.

Taipei, China City Info

The People's Republic of China, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory, effectively blocks the Republic of China on Taiwan from using the titles "Taiwan" or "Republic of China" in international organizations. To the PRC, having Taiwan represented as the "Republic of China" suggests either the continued existence of a state that PRC believes it has toppled or the existence of two Chinas, a contravention of the One China-Policy; having Taiwan represented by its common name "Taiwan" suggests that China and Taiwan are separate countries. Both cases would, in the eyes of the PRC, support a "conspiracy to split Taiwan from the motherland".

When international organisations downgraded or even expelled Taiwan in the 1970s and 1980s in favor of recognizing the PRC, the Kuomintang-controlled ROC government refused to be designated as "Taiwan, China" because the title would imply that it was subordinate to the mainland Chinese government. At the time, the Kuomintang government also rejected the names "Taiwan" and "Formosa" because it still considered itself the sole legitimate government of all China and refused any hint of  Taiwan independence. Therefore, it chose what was then considered a politically neutral title "Chinese Taipei," even though Taipei is just a metropolitan region small in proportion to the entire Taiwan Area.

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