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St. Paul, Minnesota

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in St. Paul, Minnesota. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in St. Paul:

St. Paul, Minnesota City Info

Home to thousands of Native Americans for centuries, the earliest known name for St. Paul is that which it was called by the Indians: IM-IN-I-JA SKA, which, translated into English means "White Rock", it's name having been taken from the high limestone bluffs in the area. In 1819, the sound of soldiers and construction first disturbed the silence of the forest and rivers at the confluence of the Minnesota and the Mississippi rivers. The imposing gray walls of Fort Snelling soon overlooked the rivers from a vantage point high above on the steep cliffs. It wouldn't be long before the inevitable squatters camp grew up in the shadow of the fort, and the thriving community of Mendota grew nearby. And the original inhabitants, as everywhere else in the New World, would be shunted off to find new homes wherever the invading Europeans would allow them to settle.

Soon, the more privileged military officers and the residents of Mendota, became disturbed at the life style of the residents of the squatters camp, most of whom were refugees from the ill-fated Selkirk Colony in Manitoba. They were especially disturbed about the activities of a notorious, though popular, retired fur trapper whose talents had been turned to moonshining, Pierre "Pig's Eye" Parrant. The whiskey trade quickly infuriated the straight-laced Major Talliaferro, Ft. Snelling's Indian Agent, who soon issued a proclamation banishing the squatters from lands controlled by the Fort. This forced them to move down the river to the northeast, just outside the Fort's jurisdiction.

This site, then known as Fountain Cave, was located near what is now in the southern part of St. Paul, Minnesota. A small monument today marks a spot on the riverbank near where the small group settled. Soon after they set up their new squatter camp, Major Taliaferro decided they were not quite far enough out of his sight, extended the jurisdiction of the Fort to include the Fountain Cave site, and sent his soldiers to burn the new encampment. The settlers were again forced to move further down the river, this time settling on the north bank in what is now part of downtown St. Paul.

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