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Shenyang, China

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Shenyang, China City Info

Shenyang, the capital of the Liaoning province, dates back 7,200 years to the "new" Stone Age. The city endured numerous name changes throughout its "growing years" beginning with Houchen County in 206 BC, followed by Shenzou under the Liao (907-1125) and Jin (1115-1234) dynasties, and then Shenyang in 1297.

On March 10, 1905, following a gruesome 15-day battle (26,000 Russians and 41,000 Japanese perished) along the Sho Ha River just south of Shenyang, Russian forces capitulated. The resulting Portsmouth Treaty mediated by the United States worked in Shenyang's favor for unlike Dalian Shenyang was ceded back to China. Even though Shenyang enjoyed autonomy from foreign domination, Japan's presence in nearby Dalian stained the city with military tensions. On September 18, 1931, the Japanese used a train car explosion (now cleverly known in history books as the "September 18 Incident") north of Shenyang as a murky pretext for invading the city and seizing all of northeast China. They quickly established a puppet state called Manchukuo and elevated former Qing emperor Pu Yi as its figurehead emperor. Despite Japanese occupation, Shenyang's industrial center continued to swell. Copper and zinc smelting plants expanded, as did heavy machinery and chemical factories.

Japan was finally expelled once and for all following its defeat in World War II. However, this did not signal an end to the presence of uniformed armed men. For almost 10 months, a Civil War battle between Mao Zedong's Communists and China's Nationalists (the Kuomintang) raged in and around downtown Shenyang. On November 1, 1948, the Communists claimed victory and shortly after seized control of the entire nation. But, more importantly from Shenyang's perspective, it restored peace to the city.

Today, Shenyang towers as China's fourth largest metro with almost 7 million residents. As the largest railroad hub in northeast China, it continues to enjoy "industrial giant" status. Textiles, transformers, chemicals, medicines, tractors, motor vehicles and heavy machinery are all manufactured here, and it also harbors the largest machine-tool plant in all of China. Scientific research also interweaves with its economic fabric thanks to the presence of 30 colleges and universities. And the recent import of major four and five star chain hotels signals its intent on developing a strong tourist market.

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