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Sarajevo, Bosnia

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Sarajevo:

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Sarajevo, Bosnia City Info

Despite the highly visible scars of war, Sarajevo is today a town that bursts with energy. Even so, a stroll along Sarajevo's Miljacka River can be sobering, given the obvious destruction that so recently took place here. Walk long enough and you'll be depressed enough to handle what you'll find on the wall of the one-room City Museum: a plaque, probably attached to the wall (it gets stolen from time to time), commemorating an event that will never be forgotten. On this corner, WWI began.

Six weeks after the assassination, Austria-Hungary retaliated by declaring war on Serbia. The Russians then stepped in on the side of the Serbs, their fellow Slavs. Russia didn't want to permit the Austrians and their German allies to dominate the Balkans and, by extension, their access to the Mediterranean through the Dardanelles Straits. Then the Germans jumped in. Then France.

Like falling dominoes, international alliances brought one country after another into the conflict. By the end of the summer of 1914, almost all Europe was at war.  All due to two gunshots that this quiet little corner of Sarajevo will never stop hearing.

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