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Prague, Czech Republic

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Prague, Czech Republic. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Prague:

Residence Americka Park

Residence Americka Park

Americk, Prague 12000

Whether for a short or extended stay, Residence Americka Park offers beautifully furnished apartments for rent in Vinohrady, one of Prague’s most attractive neighbourhoods.... more information

Residence Masaryk

Residence Masaryk

Jana Masaryka 40, Prague 12000

Many travellers and relocated executives alike consider Residence Masaryk a home away from home. Its fully serviced apartments and relaxed, friendly atmosphere have made this... more information

Pachtuv Palace

Pachtuv Palace

Karol, Prague 11000

Whether for a short or extended stay, living in a palace will amaze you! The Pachtuv Palace is arguably the most beautiful baroque residence in Prague. Located in a magnificent... more information

Residence Belgicka

Residence Belgicka

Belgick, Prague 12000

With its harmonious blend of style, comfort and professional service, Residence Belgicka is perfect for leisure and business travel as well as executive relocation. Renowned... more information

Prague, Czech Republic City Info

Prague has an epic history. It's inhabitants have experienced a declaration of independence, Nazi control, brain washing communism and capitalist democracy. And that was just the 20th century! Here we offer a brief history of Prague.

A nationalist movement called the National Revival (národní obrození) started at the end of the 18th century, attempting to bring the Czech language, culture and national identity back to life. Some of the most prominent figures of the revival movement were Josef Dobrovský and Josef Jungmann who succeeded in introducing the study of the Czech language in schools, and historian František Palacký, author of the History of the Czech People. Czech literature was reborn with novelist Božena Němcová, Romantic poet Karel Hynek Macha, political columnist Karel Havlíček Borovský, and others. The first dictionary of the Czech language (the Czech-German Dictionary) was written by Josef Jungmann and published in five volumes in 1834-1839. Czech institutions were established to celebrate the Czech history and culture. The National Theater opened in 1883 and the National Museum in 1890.

The 19th century is also characterized by the Industrial Revolution and the building of factories. A railway between Vienna and Prague was opened in 1845. The growing industry resulted in an increase of Prague's Czech population as people moved to the city from the countryside. The beginning of the end of the Hapsburg dynasty came with the assassination of Francis Ferdinand in 1914, an event that preceded World War I.

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Business and holiday travel is not the only reason why to visit Prague and the Czech Republic. Prague is a center of plastic surgery in the Central Europe. Actually Dr. Burian as a founder of plastic surgery field originated from Prague. Find more information about this topic on Prague and Czech Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Portal.

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