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Pardubice, Czech Republic

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Pardubice, Czech Republic City Info

Beginnings of the 20th century in Pardubice are marked for the most part by Jan Ka┼ípar who was the first Czech aviator to successfully accomplish the first long-distance flight from Pardubice to Prague in 1911. It was at the beginning of the 20th century when chemical and electronical industries emerged and were represented by two major factories – Explosia (presently Synthesia) and Telegrafie (later Tesla). After the dark period of World War I, the role of Pardubice as the regional centre strengthened with Czechoslovakia gaining its independence in 1918.

August 1968 is not viewed as a violent and overly repressive month for the Pardubice region in comparison to other regions in Czechoslovakia. It was a Polish army that was supposed to be the ”regional protector”. However, the moderate and bitter attitude of the Poles towards the Soviet dictatorship made living in Pardubice a bit easier considering the extent of national crisis. Excluding the events of 1968, the communist era affected Pardubice in the similar way as the rest of the regions behind the Iron Curtain. The private-owned factories and property were nationalized, massive production in heavy industry became the economic priority, and people had to quietly accept a new restrictive social-political environment once again so that they could keep their jobs with large, mostly eastward-oriented manufacturing companies of the TMS or Synthesia calibre. It would be nonetheless irrelevant to ignore the importance of the socialist era to the development of Pardubice’s regional industry. The chemical industry represented by VCHZ Synthesia, engineering industry in hands of TMS and electronics in those of Tesla became the national strengths in total production figures, gave jobs to thousands of locals and set basis for further development of the industrial sector even after the Velvet Revolution.

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