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Moscow, Russia

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Moscow, Russia. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Moscow:

Mamaison Pokrovka

Mamaison Pokrovka


This will be Moscow’s first genuine all-suite hotel, boasting some of the most spacious accommodation in the heart of the cosmopolitan and frenetic Russian capital. Guests... more information

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Moscow had been in the forefront of political change, and a thorn in the flesh of the national leaders, since the first whispers of glasnost (openness) in the mid-1980s. Boris Yeltsin , made the city's new Communist Party chief in 1985, became hugely popular as he sacked hundreds of corrupt commercial managers, set up new food markets and permitted demonstrations. This last move was too much for the communist old guard and led to Yeltsin's resignation in 1987; however, his time at the centre of Russian political life was by no means done. It was the rallying of Muscovites behind Yeltsin at Moscow 's 'White House' , seat of the parliament of the Russian Republic, that foiled the old-guard coup in 1991 and precipitated the ultimate collapse of the Soviet Union.

By the mid-1990s Moscow was very much the vanguard of the 'new Russia' , filling up with all the things Russians had expected capitalism to bring but which had barely begun to percolate down to the provinces: banks, stock exchanges, casinos, advertising, BMWs and Mercedes, new shops, hotels, restaurants and nightlife - money .

Vladimir Putin , who replaced Yeltsin as Russian president at the end of the millennium, seems determined to firm up state control of Moscow's business dealings, as well as its social scene. Outside the garishly wealthy 'New Russians', people are doing it hard, with education and health devastated and many older Russians begging and scrimping at the margin's of Moscow's new marketplace. Still, Muscovites - the younger generation especially - are revelling in their new-found freedoms. Moscow remains the most free-wheeling city in Russia; for the cynics there are no surprises, and for the ambitious there are no limits.

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