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Lucerne, Switzerland

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Lucerne, Switzerland. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Lucerne:

Lucerne, Switzerland City Info

The photogenic city of Lucerne is one of Switzerland's top tourist destinations. It is located at the point where river Reuss flows out of Lake Lucerne. The city's rise to importance as a market and trading place began in the 12th century when, at the narrowest point of the river, a bridge was built and the conquest of the Schöllenen canyon opened up the Gotthard Pass route which let transalpine traffic swell between Italy and Lucerne. The city had a key position in the north-south traffic from the 13th century until 1882, when it became possible to bypass the town by the Gotthard railway tunnel.

The industrial revolution started late in Lucerne. In 1860 only 1.7% of the population were active in cottage industries and factories, four times less than in the rest of the country. In 1842 the Moos foundry was founded, in 1844 the Maschinenfabrik Bell in Kriens, in 1872 the Perlen paper mill and in 1874 the worldwide-known Schindler elevator company.
In September 1837, the first steamer set out on its maiden voyage on Lake Lucerne. Between 1845 and 1910, the monumental hotels Schweizerhof, National, Palace and Montana were built. From 1850 to 1913, the number of inhabitants and their settlement area increased four fold. Unfortunately, the twenty gates and towers as well as parts of the city walls, the Sust and the Hof Bridge fell victim to the town building campaign during the decade after 1855. Still, Lucerne remains one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland, largely because, after 1949, a turnaround in town development brought an appreciation of the cultural heritage. It came not to late - tourism is today's dominating activity in Lucerne and 85% of all of the city's full time jobs are in the service sector.

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