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Kharkov, Ukraine

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Kharkov, Ukraine City Info

In 1980, 60 industrial corporations were operating in Kharkiv, and most important among them were the tractor construction corporation, "Electrotyazhmach", "Sickle And Hammer" motor corporation, the mechanical engineering corporation, the aviation corporation, the multihead machines corporation. The powerful Kharkiv made tractors paved the way to the South Pole, jet airliners were used on international flights, numerically controlled metal cutting machines, engines, electrical equipment, automation and communication instruments, bicycles, TV-sets, cameras, were shipped to the farthest corners of the USSR and exported to 60 countries of the world.

During the Soviet period Kharkiv becomes one of the leading light industry towns in Ukraine, among the businesses functioning here are the "Krasnaya neet" cloth-factory, wool, stockinet and cotton fabric pre-processing factories, the named after 35 years of October revolution textile factory, the clothes factory named after E. D. Tinyakov, the "Bolshevic" tannery - one of the largest tanneries in Ukraine. The food industry is represented by a bacon factory, a dairy plant, eight bakeries, a confectionery concern.

Kharkov region is situated in the north-eastern part of Ukraine. In the North and north-east it borders on Belgorod region of Russia, in the East - on Voroshilovgradsk region, in the south-east - on Donetsk region, in the south-west - on Dnepropetrovsk region, in the West and north-west - on Poltava and Sumy regions of Ukraine. The territory is 31.4 thousand square kilometres. The extension along the south north line is 210 km, along the east west line - 220 km.

The Don basin accounts for 75% of the region water resources. The main water way - the Seversky Donets - is the right hand tributary of the Don. The total length of 867 rivers is 6.4 thousand km, the length of 156 of those rivers being more than 10 km each. There are also lakes in the region, the biggest of which is Liman. About 50 artificial reservoirs were created, the biggest of them are Krasnooskolskoye, Pechenezhskoye, Krasnopavlovskoye. The course of Dniper-Donbass water channel runs through the territory of the region.

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