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Katowice, Poland

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Katowice, Poland City Info

The development of the Katowice village began with the Berlin railway building (1846) which led to Myslowice. Very important incident was taking over land estates by the Winckler family. To the settlements situated on both sides of the Rawa River people started to arrive in business. Pitman and mining entrepreneur Franz Winkler converted surrounding villages into industrial city. The executor of this idea was another pitman of Tarnowskie Gory mine - Friedrich Wilhelm Grundmann to whom the management of the Katowice estates was entrusted in 1839.

The city was developing according to the project of Nottenbohn builder. Plan of spatial building was determined by the old track from Myslowice to Szopienice, and further to Bogicice-Zawodzie, and then alongside Rawa River. By the east-west, two squares were built which exist up till now: Market Square and Wolnosci Square. The former was cut with the north-south road which led from Mikolow to Krolewska Huta (Royal Steelworks) - nowadays Chorzow - and Bytom.

After liberation in 1945, the city regained former status of industrial and administrative centre. Unpleasant, lasting for three years episode was change of the name of Katowice into Stalinogrod in 1953.  Importance of the city as a scientific and cultural centre was increasing constantly; Katowice became inter alia university city. In the times of Popular Poland many new housing estates were built, inter alia, Koszutka, Tysiaclecie, Paderewski, Ochojec, Ligota, Zaleska Halda. Provincial Park of the Culture and Recreation originated. The Silesian University, which was the only in the region, was opened. Spectacular and sport hall called 'Spodek' (spaceship) was built and it became a symbol of Katowice.

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