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Kassel, Germany

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Kassel, Germany. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Kassel:

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Kassel, Germany City Info

Two documents written down in Kassel in the year 913, are the first written proof for Kassel’s existence and therefore the evidence that the city can look back on a more than thousand year history. Of course in the beginning one cannot speak of a city. On the site of our government headquarter today, once stood a fortress, protecting a settlement that grew over the next couple of centuries. A testimony of the small size of the settlement is the street name GRABEN.

In the 1920‘s, the city constructed buildings for the health care system, sports facilities and residential purposes. The indoor pool (east), the sports arena – Hessenkampfbahn and the residential area – Rothenbergsiedlung reflected a change of social habit. An important cultural event was the opening of the tapestry museum in 1923, the only museum of its kind in Germany. 

The city presents itself today less as a reconstruction than a new construction on historic ground because of post war desire to break with the past. But today we can be proud to have i.e. the Treppenstrasse - which, as a construction of the 1950‘s is under monument protection law – and as well as the other numerous examples of very interesting architecture of the 1950‘s in the inner city.  In 1948/49 Kassel applied to become the provisional federal capital, but unfortunatelay without success. When in 1955 the federal garden show (Bundesgartenschau) took place in Kassel, impetus was given to the city‘ development. Due to another event in the same year, Kassel was recognized in the art world. „documenta“, an international exhibition of contemporary art, was organized and takes place every 5 years. In 1970 the university was founded in Kassel which had an impact on the city’s development.

Today Kassel is a city of traditional and innovative enterprises and institutions of nationwide, even worldwide, reputation, with a lively business world and educational facilities of a high standard as well as a very attractive cultural and entertainment world. If you also take into account the numerous possibilities for recreation in and around Kassel, you see at the beginning at the new millennium a city with charm, life and a promising future.

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