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Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Hilton Head Island:

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina City Info

Hilton Head, and the Low Country which surrounds it, are truly blessed.  Over time, the island has been a primal forest at ocean’s edge; it has been an island of indigo fields, not unlike a Kansas wheat farm, stretching for miles in every direction.  During the Civil War, it was a military garrison for the occupying Yankee army, and housed Mitchellville, the first freedman’s settlement of former black slaves.  During the war years, the island housed almost 150,000 people.

Hilton Head’s development was to be done in concert with nature.  Roads were deliberately curved to hold the look of the forest, avoid the look of the boulevard.  Homes were painted and stained in natural colors to blend, rather than contrast, with nature.  Landscaping was given a priority right along with the buildings themselves.  The forest’s understory was to be maintained rather than stripped.  Existing trees were protected, even during the design and construction phases of the island’s first homes.  Signs were to be minimized; commercial activity would not be the dominant architectural feature of this community.  Building heights were geared to those of the forest.  Natural materials were preferred over man-made ones.  Everything built had to consider features of the land, the sea, the forest, the marsh and the creek.  Visitors may miss the well-lit roads of their former urban landscape; here, however, they don’t miss the wonder of a dark night sky, lit with the jewelry of stars and moon…and that is by design.

Home design is a huge part of the Hilton Head scene.  Homes here have more visual impact than just about anything else.  As this community is more the product of land planners, architects, and landscape designers, their role in your home’s design is nothing short of the continuation of the process begun forty years ago.  It is that process which has made Hilton Head Island the standard by which other barrier island communities are judged.  Sub-tropical life is, in and of itself, different from urban life, different too from life on the mainland.  The glint of the sun off waters tickled by the breeze puts a spring into one’s emotional step.  Bridges, lagoons, creeks and sounds join with the Atlantic’s waves to surround us, soothe us, and invigorate us; indeed, they help define who we are, both individually and collectively.  Beachside living takes place in shorts and sun dresses rather than suits and ties.  Sea gulls in the air, and the swoosh of herons and egrets remind us that we are in a magical different place.

Getting to know this community in both its natural and its architectural forms is important.  So is getting to know its designers and the styles they bring to life.  It’s important to know too, the various communities on Hilton Head itself, and those springing up beyond—to understand the diversity of their separate personalities and how they relate to the whole which is Hilton Head Island.  It is a community which is constantly being redefined, but one whose appeal to the heart and the eye remain constant.

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