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Heidelberg, Germany

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Heidelberg, Germany. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Heidelberg:

We are sorry, but there are no online members providing apartments or suites in Heidelberg. Please contact SuiteNet directly to get the up-to-date information on corporate housing, relocation and extended stay services in Heidelberg, Germany.

Heidelberg, Germany City Info

Heidelberg is first mentioned in a document of Schönau Monastery dated 1196. But its history goes back to the year 40 AD when Roman encampments here were conquered by the Allemanians. Majestically perched high above the narrow lanes and picturesque roofs of the Old Town are the ruins of Heidelberg Castle – the magnificent red sandstone structure that crowns the city. For five centuries it was the glamorous residence of the Electors Palatine.

In 1386 Count Ruprecht I founded Heidelberg University. Germany's oldest institution of higher learning. It played a leading role during the age of Humanism and the Reformation. Luther was received here with great honors and defended his 95 theses. Heidelberg became the favorite of an illustrious group of poets including Arnim, Brentano, Hölderlin, Eichendorff and Goethe, to name but a few. No city was so beloved by the Romantic poets as Heidelberg.

Due not least of all to her enchanting location on the Neckar River amidst mountains, woods and sloping vineyards. Down through the ages this urbane and vital city has been a magnet for many artists – as it is today. Its opera, drama and ballet performances, for instance, are highly acclaimed throughout the entire German theater world. Especially worth seeing are the Schlossfestspiele, summer festivals of concerts and music theater. Behind her romantic settings, the facades of simple town houses and splendid palaces, bustles a forward-looking city with world-class scientific and economic institutions.

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