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Gent, Belgium

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Gent, Belgium City Info

Archaeological research has proved that there was human settlement in Gent during prehistoric times. Only later, in the Roman period, the nucleus of a city began to grow near the confluence of the two rivers Scheldt and Leie. (The name 'Gent' is probably derived from the Celtic 'Ganda', which meant confluence). It was around the year 630 that Gent continued to grow when the Abbey of Saint Peter (later Abbey of Saint Bavo) was founded. Later, a second abbey was founded on the so-called 'Blandijnberg'. It was around these two religious centres that a residential nucleus came into existence. This early city was important enough to create a 'portus' with commercial activity. Charlemagne gave it a fleet for protection against the Vikings. In both 851 and 879 the Vikings attacked and plundered the city. Shortly afterwards a first wooden fortification was built for better protection. It stood on the spot where now the impressive 'Castle of the Count' can be visited.

In 1795 the former Austrian Netherlands were annexed to France. As from 1800 the cotton industry started to flourish. A citizen of Gent, Lieven Bauwens, had smuggled the plans for a cotton mill out of England. Gent turned into one of the most important industrial centres of the French Empire.  After the battle of Waterloo and the defeat of Napoleon, the French Netherlands were united with Holland into the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. King William I  founded the Gent University in 1817 and had the canal Gent-Terneuzen constructed.  Gent continued to grow as an industrial centre.

The number of inhabitants tripled in the 19th century.  The miserable working and housing conditions of the working-class resulted in the creation of the first Belgian trade union in Gent. Gent also played an important part in the Flemish movement in Belgium. In 1886 the Royal Academy of Language and Literature was founded. In 1930 the Gent University became a Dutch-language university. Now, Gent has a population of about 250.000 inhabitants. It is the capital of the Belgian province of East-Flanders.

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