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Genova, Italy

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Genova, Italy. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Genova:

Genova, Italy City Info

The name Genoa is believed to derive from Genua, founded by the two headed Giano, protector of ships and coins. This was a city of two faces, which looks both inland and towards the sea. Genoa, as well as being full of mythical origins, has always been a crossroads of traffic and culture, between continental Europe and the Mediterranean, thanks to it natural position and the initiative of its inhabitants. After the conquest of the Padana plain in 569, Genoa became the main, Byzantine stronghold with its own fleet, uniting the commercial and seafaring sides of the city. Conquered and plundered by the Rotari from 641 to 643 and then by Saracen pirates, the city only began to develop again after the tenth century, thanks to help from the monasteries and abbey and the first wall that finally surrounded the city.

The great, powerful and prosperous, sea commerce of Genoa started in the eleventh century and, the city rivalled Pisa and Venice. Genoa's participation in the Eastern Crusades, as well as responding to religious needs and the aspirations of the Genoan soldiers, made the city a valued importer of riches and new products. In 1098, the merchants took over the commercial district of Antiochia, and the Compagna was set up the next year, as the first communal associative instituition, giving life to a mixed, ruling class of aristocratic, feudal and mercantile origin. The historic centre was divided into eight districts and the houses had to have porticoes to show the limits of each area. These are still visible in Via di Sottoripa and were opened in 1125. Churches in roman style were built here, including the Chiesa dei S.M. di Castello, Chiesa di S. Donato and the Cathedral of S. Lorenzo, which was built in 1118. The del Barbarossa walls were built from 1155 to 1160, of which there are still some remains including Porta Soprana or di S.Andrea and Porta dei Vacca.

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