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Brasilia, Brazil

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Brasilia, Brazil. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Brasilia:

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Brasilia, Brazil City Info

In deference to the theory of modernism in architecture, the plot plan of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, was of a bird in flight, or an airplane. Government and administrative buildings form the body of the plane, while residential and shopping areas extend out the wings. The city was planned with space set aside in every residential block for apartments, restaurants, shops and services. Select from one of these hotels to ensure your stay in the city is comfortable and enjoyable.

Brasilia is not a walkable city. The distances between buildings, and sectors, requires a vehicle. There are sectors for hotels, other for finance, commerce, sports and diplomacy. Because of rigid zoning laws and the basic layout, the majority of the population lives outside the city limits, in these lower income satelite cities, and there you'll find the essence of Brazil.

While there is debate on the success of Brasilia, there is no doubt that its construction in such a short time gave employment to thousands of workers. The system of highways linking the new capital to the rest of the country unified Brazil in a way it had not known before.

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