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SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Birmingham AL, Alabama. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Birmingham AL:

Birmingham AL, Alabama City Info

Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Birmingham is Alabama's largest city. With a metropolitan population of nearly a million people, the city is a world-renowned medical and financial center. People like being in Birmingham. With geographical good fortune, a stock of year round entertainment, and its irresistible Southernness, this is a generously outfitted city.  Though Birmingham stands in the heart of the Deep South, it is not an Old South city.

Founded in 1871 at the crossing of two railroad lines, the city blossomed through the early 1900s as it rapidly became the South's foremost industrial center. Iron and steel production were a natural for Birmingham; underground lay abundant key ingredients---coal, iron ore and limestone. As an industry town, Birmingham suffered greatly in the Depression. After World War II the city grew moderately while retaining its strong Southern character.

At the same time a profound movement toward diversification was afoot. The huffing and puffing of Birmingham's legendary iron and steel mills was gradually replaced by a work force of medical and engineering professionals. Today, Birmingham enjoys a balance of manufacturing and service-oriented jobs in a thriving work force.

The opening of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in 1993 did more to heal the city from within and in the eyes of the nation than any other single event. With the opening of the Institute, the city was able at last to tell its own story, and by telling, soothe the wounds of the past.

Recently Mercedes-Benz opened its first American production facility in nearby Vance, turning out the enormously popular M-Class All-Activity Vehicle. New major attractions, including a full blown theme park and one of the country's best science museums, have opened. And Birmingham's medical community continues to be recognized worldwide for its contributions to health care and healing.

Birmingham is a Southern city that is---all at once---young, traditional, vibrant, friendly, complex and, some even say, exotic. The eccentricities of the South and Southerners have been widely noted in literature and on film.

Unlike some larger Southern cities that have chosen to trade soul for growth and development, Birmingham has retained its true Southern character; it has been said that Birmingham is the last major Southern city in America. That is because it is impossible for us to become like every place else.

Birmingham is a distinctive and comfortable place to visit and to live. While we continue to grow more sophisticated, we also treasure many of the ways of the small-town South. One can enjoy asparagus salad with roasted pecan dressing at an elegant salon for lunch, and look forward to supper at a cafe serving country-fried steak and butter beans. The audience at the symphony concert will discuss college football games coming up the next day. And the highbrow patrons of the Charity Ball will be elbow-to-elbow the next morning with workers on a Habitat for Humanity home.

It is diversity that is our greatest strength and our strongest appeal. We talk about progress, but with a decidedly Southern accent. We are a spectrum of attitudes and cultures, all a part of the charm and exoticism that is the South.

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