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Turin, Italy

SuiteNet provides, through its members, extended stay and temporary corporate housing in furnished short-term apartments and corporate suites in Turin, Italy. The following is a list of extended stay and temporary corporate housing providers in Turin:

Turin, Italy City Info

Turin was founded 2300 years ago by the TAURINI Gauls, a Celtic tribe. Taurus is Latin for bull and still today the bull is the symbol of the city. Hannibal destroyed it during his famous journey across the Alps. Julius Caesar rebuilt it with the name AUGUSTA TAURINORUM (28 B.C.) as an important military colony, gateway to the western Alps. With the fall of the Roman empire the city was successively conquered by Goths, Lombards and finally Franks who established an earldom (8th century). Eventually Turin came under the influence of the Savoy family who were granted the feudal lordship by the Emperor Frederick II in 1248. The house of Savoy ruled Turin until 1536 when it was occupied by the French. Duke Emanuele Filibero of Savoy won the city back 30 years later and transferred the capital of their dukedom from Chambery to Turin. For two centuries Turin and the surrounding region of PIEDMONT (meaning "foothills") developed as one of the most influential centers of the Italian peninsula.
Today more than one million people live in this beautiful baroque city, crossed by the lovely Po river and surrounded by gentle hills. The glittering snow-capped Alps, just 30 kilometers away, encircle the city in a protective and imposing embrace and offer breathtaking views in the magical misty mornings or in the fiery sunset skies.
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